Hectic And Unexpected Beginning

Its been 15-days in the world of blogging and I’m still researching.

I’m thinking that the whole year is going to be constant research as I think it should be. I’m going to take this year as learning new things, especially in the world of blogging.

I’ve been constantly pre-writing blog posts, updating the visual aspect of my blog, building my social networks and learning new aspects of blogging. I must admit that since I have so many questions and I just can’t bare myself to find time to read all posts about certain topics, I have turned to the help of ‘professionals’. I have started to ask questions directly from successful bloggers, and happily, they have answered. it’s quite relieving to find out how helpful the blogging community is towards newbies like me.

Also, my self-diagnosed disorder of perfectionism has been a key factor in my almost slow proceeding process. And when something is not the way I prefer it, I’m going to work on it until I pass out. I find this quite hilarious since I’m taking my adventure as a blogger in a form of ‘hobby’ first. I would understand such high pressure if my livelihood would depend on it.

If someone is wondering about current costs of keeping a blog, the numbers have not dramatically changed. If you are not adding to it my ‘Business Calendar’ and few pens and folders. But on the other hand, getting partnerships and affiliates haven’t been too hard. So plan to get my money back is moving forward. And as you can see I don’t have any advertisements on my blog (yet), since, in the beginning, I don’t want to distract my visitors from my posts. Nothing is more annoying than landing on a fresh blog and it’s already filled with ads.

Overall, I’m managing. Nothing too serious to report but I just wanted to get something out there, to show that we’re up and running. I just need to figure out the posting order and few boring marketing things I’ve encountered. So stay tuned for more, and check my Instagram and Twitter while you’re at it!
I hope you have a great day!

– Mikael