My First 48-Hours of Blogging

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Here it is. My first blog post and the topic is my first 48-hours as an “official” blogger. I’m trying to keep this kind of informational and provide links to sites where I got help. So no affiliate links in this post!

Blogging Platform

As you (hopefully) can tell, I made my decision to have my blog on WordPress rather than Blogger. I have had my experience with Blogger before, and although it’s perfectly fine platform for some people, that’s not the case with me. Why might you wonder? My simple reason is that Blogger has the ownership of your content. I have done quite a bit research about blogging platforms before I started and have had my share or Blogger in the past. HERE is a link to a good post about differences between Blogger and WordPress.

But there’s also two sides of WordPress

If you are going to make your blog on WordPress (which I recommend), next you have to decide whether to set it on OR

What is the difference? is free and your blog is hosted by WordPress itself. This is the more simple way to go, and surely more recommended route for beginners. There are premium, pro plans on too, which offer you more variety considering your blogging, but I wouldn’t really compare it with is a selfhosted platform for WordPress. This means you have to get your blog a host yourself. I could go into more detail on this subject but there are plenty of posts about the differences, and my choice was with a host. I recommend you check THIS link about the differences between and

Let Us Talk About Money

This is a subject I researched before diving into blogging. Money.And do you have to invest in blogging, and if so, how much?
As I stated before, there are completely FREE platforms for blogging, which means you don’t have to spend ANYTHING. You can just make your blog, and start writing. I have tried some of these in my past, so I decided to go a different route this time.
If you are wondering, my blog is on WordPress hosted by Bluehost and this costs money. As for me, I have spent in my first 48-hours about 82$ for my blog, which is a quite fair amount of all the service I get. This includes:
Wordpress hosted by bluehost for which I had an affiliate link so I got it cheaper for a year
Wordpress Theme for my blog
I’m completely satisfied with the amount I have spent. It’s definitely not too high for a professional looking blog with my own domain.

Help Is Everywhere

A lot happened in my first 48-hours of blogging, and it’s been amazing to find out how helpful the blogging community is. Before even setting up any social media where you could as help, I got tons of messages helping me on my journey setting up my blog. I simply just messaged blog owners asking them advice, and anything they would recommend me to do on my first day of blogging. It’s nice to know that the blogging community is ready to help new bloggers.
I also have to mention Bluehost’s customer service. As I set my blog in Bluehost and WordPress environment, in which I had pretty much no experience in, the customer service was there for me. They also did not just tell me how to do something, but actually did the things FOR me. I addressed my problem and they actually fixed them for me. This allowed me to focus on other things.


Any Major Problems I Encountered

The only real problem I encountered on my first 48-hours of blogging was the SSL-Certificate on my blog. Since I don’t sell anything on my blog (yet hopefully), this really wouldn’t have been a real problem. But having an SSL-Certificate, which indicates that your site is safe, is comforting for readers. So over-all pretty problem free start for blogging.

Overall, my blog has had a pretty hectic start, but this is majorly my fault. I have a tendency to jump in on things right away, and really do a minimum planning. This surely is something I don’t recommend. I have done my research beforehand but hadn’t planned the major things about my blog. I just created them as I encountered them. For example, I made my social media logos when I set them up. Not beforehand.
Decided my blog theme as I scrolled through themes on Etsy.

But that’s it for my first post. I’m glad I’ve decided to start blogging. And blogging on a platform that is so simple and easy to manoeuvre.
You’re welcome to join me on my journey as I’m going to blog for a full year and then decide if it’s something I want to continue. You can find my current social media links on the right!

There’s no knowing where this will take me. Will it just become a hobby or even a job?


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